Yawning is the playground of Jun Minowa from Japan where he express his feelings such as sadness, happiness, despair, gleam of hope. He offers instrumental music especially influenced by ambient, modern classical and post-rock. Jun also plays guitar in ambient / post-rock group Gargle.

Jan Willem Broek from Caleidoscoop says “It is music about loss, mourning, longing, and thoughts of unattainable love.” According to Cyclic Defrost “The arrangements suggest soaring through vivid landscape, armies descending from the clouds or a single flower petal the only colour in a snowstorm. This is a decidedly measured work; every piano note every string every pause.”

In 2009, “Selected Works” consisting of demo-tracks was released on Heat Death Records. He signed with Fluttery Records in 2010. His EP “Noah” was released the same year by the label. While being based in Tokyo, Yawning went on a short tour in Australia in the spring of 2013. Having worked on a few collaboration, Yawning is expected to release an album in 2017.